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We help you protect your company's personnel, equipment and facilities from atmospheric discharges.

What we do

Installer-friendly products for lightning protection and grounding systems.

Are you a General Contractor, Installer or Distributor looking for high quality products for lightning protection and grounding systems?

At Proinex we offer you a wide range of innovated products currently used in Commercial, Government, Military, the Oil and Gas Industry, Distilleries, Agricultural, and Residential.

Static electricity control for hazardous areas

A relatively insignificant static spark can potentially result in a catastrophic fire or explosion in places with the presence of flammable and combustible materials.

Are you protected from the dangers of static electricity?

Proinex offers you solutions to control static electricity in hazardous locations.

Industries we serve: Chemical, Paints & Coatings, Pharmaceutical, and Food & Beverage.

Applications: Filling & Empting of hazmat, tank trucks, intermediate bulk containers (IBC), totes, drums, type C big bags, railcars, vessels, portable containers, mobile tanks.

Texas company

At Proinex you will find a wide variety of lightning protection and grounding products.

Our products support a broad customer base including infrastructure, utilities, manufacturing, construction and resource sectors.

We offer competitive pricing, fast deliveries, and excellent customer service.

We service the United States, Canada, Mexico and the world.


Our Products & Services

Lightning rod

Every day about 8 million lightning bolts strike the earth. Only one could cause great material and human losses. At PROINEX, we can help you to protect the safety of your people, your facilities and the electrical and electronic equipment of your company.


Lightning and electrostatic charging can cause irreparable damage to buildings, industrial structures, electrical equipment, vehicles and people. A good Grounding System can help you ensure safety and avoid serious consequences in your business.

Engineering study

Study of technical-scientific engineering against atmospheric electrical discharges

Proinex Lightning Protection, Inc.

Exd [ib llC Gb] ib iiB+H2T6 GBThe MPTV Grounding Monitor is a grounding tester device designed to supervise and ensure the correct ...

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Proinex Lightning Protection, Inc.

The lightning strike counter is an electromechanical device whose function is to count the number of times lightning strikes on a lightning ...

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Proinex Lightning Protection, Inc.

The 5 points model ENZA-2 Air Terminal is a high performance and a high efficiency lightning rod thanks to its electrogeometric design ...

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Proinex Lightning Protection, Inc.

The PFAL-30 Air Terminal is made of two types of materials: the lance is made of aluminium, the tip and the base ...

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Lightning rods

Find different solutions to cover all the needs you may have in your company.


Discover our products to ensure the safety of your company's personnel, equipment and facilities.

Engineering study

Study of technical-scientific engineering against atmospheric electrical discharges

Do You Need Large Quantities?


Are you a “Lightning Protection” installer?

We are the partner you need

Manufacturing and supply of high quality products for installers and associated professionals.


Ex Certification

Our Vehicle Grounding Monitor (MTPV) is certified according to IEC Standards. 60079-0 / IEC 60079-1 / IEC 60079-11.

ISO 9001 Certification

"We design, manufacture and market products for integral lightning protection, earthing systems and protection against transient voltage spikes". 


What our clients say

Dario Vera 

Safety & Environmental Management Southern Cone | BAYER S.A.

In the 15 years that I have been working in Safety and Hygiene, PROINEX has been the only company from which I have received professional advice with solid technical foundations regarding installations against atmospheric discharges.



Very good experience, excellent service, very good responsiveness and according to WDAR HSE standards. I recommend PROINEX because of the technology it has and the capacity to respond to high HSE standards. 


Purchasing - Contracting | CENTRAL PUERTO S.A.

Our experience with the company PROINEX has always been excellent. Diego Subilibia always attended to our requirements in an outstanding way. I recommend PROINEX for its great technical capacity, professionalism, and the human quality of its staff.


SSMA - Catamarca Plant : LOMA NEGRA C.I.A.S.A 

Proinex is a serious, responsible and highly committed company with the services it provides. This generates in us a high reliability in each joint task. In the market, it is the only supplier that can provide an installation, maintenance and control service of SPDA with this high level of quality.

We pride ourself in designing and producing innovative and high quality products