Grounding Monitor

Applications: Filling & Empting of hazmat, tank trucks, railcars, vessels, mobile tanks and IBCs.

Product Main Features

what can grounding Monitor help you with? 

Minimize the risk

The MPTV grounding monitor will minimize the risk of generating a spark at the moment of grounding the truck.

5 seconds connection

After a period of 5 seconds, the ground connection is cleared and service can then start.

Explosion-proof box

It is built on an E.P.B. (explosion-proof box) with all accessories such as the portholes or the push button for testing lamps of the same type, i.e. explosion-proof (Ex).


The MPTV is a grounding tester device designed to supervise and ensure the correct grounding of vehicles that load or transfer flammable and/or combustible products.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the MPTV Grounding Monitor Ex Certified?

Yes, the MPTV Grounding Monitor box is ATEX certified., therefore it is a device that can be installed in hazardous areas.

 Ex db [ib IIC Gb] ib IIB + H2 T5 GB

Does the MPTV Grounding Monitor have a warranty?

Yes, the Proinex MPTV Grounding Monitor has a 10-year warranty.

Does the MPTV Grounding Monitor require maintenance?

No, the MPTV Grounding Monitor does not require maintenance once installed.

Does the MPTV Grounding Monitor operate manually or automatically?

The Proinex MPTV Grounding Monitor operates fully automatically.

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