a static spark can cause a fire or a catastrophic explosion

Proinex offers you solutions to control static electricity

The potential risk of static sparks

Did you know that a relatively insignificant static spark can potentially result in a catastrophic fire or explosion in places with the presence of flammable and combustible materials? The loading or unloading of flammable and combustible products present a significant danger to:


The simple movement of a worker in the workspace can generate electrostatic charges, which can accumulate in the workspace until they find an effective dissipation path. If these accumulated charges dissipate in the form of a spark - and the energy involved is of sufficient magnitude - they can constitute an effective ignition source.


Vacuum trucks and tank trucks, including their hoses and hose connections, are susceptible to electrostatic charge build-up during the transfer of product to or from the truck's containment system. This hidden source of ignition can ignite the atmosphere in which the truck and handling equipment are working by a spark of static electricity.

MPTV [Grounding Monitor]

Avoid dangerous situations when transferring or mixing flammable and combustible products.
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Minimizes The risk

Avoids losses

Protects people

Protects equipment

Why You Need This Product

The Proinex MPTV Grounding Monitor is a tester device designed to test hoses used on vacuum or tank trucks and also plant equipment prior to the transfer of flammable or combustible products.

Note: The safest way to work is for the operators which transfer flammable or combustible products, to ground the vehicle or container using a grounding device.

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Product main features

These are the main features of the MPTV Grounding Monitor: 

minimizeS the risk

The MPTV grounding monitor will minimize the risk of generating a spark at the moment of grounding the truck.

explosion-proof (Ex)

It is built on an E.P.B. (explosion-proof box) with all accessories such as the portholes or the push button for testing lamps of the same type, i.e. explosion-proof (Ex).

5 seconds Connection

After a period of 5 seconds, the ground connection is cleared and service can then start.

the danger of static electricity

A relatively insignificant static spark can potentially result in a catastrophic fire or explosion in places with the presence of flammable and combustible materials.

Install the right solution to mitigate these risks and avoid any dangerous situations due to failures or human errors.

The safest way to work is having a device that test the correct grounding through the whole process of transferring or manipulating flammable and combustible material.

The Proinex MPTV grounding monitor should ensure that everything is safe and in place before starting any operation like filling, emptying or mixing.

Uses of Proinex MPTV Grounding Monitor:

The Proinex MPTV Grounding Monitor is used in industrial equipment and materials during filling and emptying operations to prevent the accumulation of static electricity within flammable and combustible atmospheres. The MPTV has a monitoring and interlock system that provides extra operational safety for critical hazardous area processing and handling operations. It continuously monitor the ground connection.

The MPTV Grounding Monitor is being used for filling/emptying operations of flammable or combustible products, where there is a possibility of ignition due to static electricity.

Hazmat & Tank Trucks

The MPTV can mitigate the risk of fires and explosions in hazardous operations.


The milling, grinding and the extraction of organic powders, also the mixing and blending of solvents, can generate hazardous levels of static electricity.


The milling and grinding operations, dust collection, container filling and general movement of combustible powders and solvents are significant sources of static electricity.

Mobile Tanks

The handling and storage of combustible organic ingredients like flour or sugar, and flammable products like ethanol, generate dangerously high levels of static electricity.

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MPTV Grounding Monitor | Applications

Transportation, handling and processing of hazardous and highly flammable chemical products.


Hazmat and tank trucks
  • Filling and emptying operations of hazmat and tank trucks.


Railcars & Vessels
  • Filling and emptying operations of Railcars & Vessels. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Mobile Tanks
  • Filling and emptying operations of Mobile Tanks.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Create a safer working environment

What Makes Us Different

Grounding Monitors is a must-have solution to ensure a tanker truck, vessels or railcar is properly grounded before loading or unloading begins. Most importantly, this is a tool that allows you to protect your employees, vehicles and facility from accidents caused by static sparks.

We cover all stages of the process, from research and development to installation and certification of equipment. Our team works daily on new materials and devices for a more efficient integral solution.


We design products

We desing a wide variety of products to help you with comprehensive solutions.


Thanks to the quantity and variety of dedicated products we manufacture, we can help you with a comprehensive solution to your protection and earthing problems.


Solid Industry Experience

20+ years of experience in addition to a team of technical professionals and specialized engineers.

Frequently asked questions

Is the MPTV Grounding Monitor Ex Certified?

Yes, the MPTV Grounding Monitor box is ATEX certified., therefore it is a device that can be installed in hazardous areas.

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Does the MPTV Grounding Monitor have a warranty?

Yes, the Proinex MPTV Grounding Monitor has a 10-year warranty.

Does the MPTV Grounding Monitor require maintenance?

No, the MPTV Grounding Monitor does not require maintenance once installed.

Does the MPTV Grounding Monitor operate manually or automatically?

The Proinex MPTV Grounding Monitor operates fully automatically.

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